How To Sign Up

Who is eligible for Reading Buddies or Math Buddies?

Currently, the Learning Buddies Network offers 2 programs, Reading Buddies and Math Buddies.

Reading Buddies is suitable for children who are in Grade 1-3 (as of September) and are struggling with reading. Math Buddies is suitable for children who are in Grade 4-7 (as of September) and struggling with math. Children who are in higher grades and exhibit lower reading/math achievement are still eligible for our programs.

Please contact us for further information.

How do I sign my child up for Math or Reading Buddies?

During the regular school year, buddies are referred from their school teacher in order to be eligible for our programs. If you make a special request for your child to be included, we will be happy to consider it.

For our summer programs, we release a registration form in May of each year.

Does my child have to come to every session? What if I can only make to some of the sessions?

Yes, your child is required to come to every session.  Only with very consistent attendance can you child show improvement. All mentors are expected to come to every session, and you must ensure that your child comes too. If you are working late and need to arrange a different pick up time for your child, please consult with your site Coordinator.

What if my child gets sick or has an emergency? What should I do?

Please notify the Operations Manager know as soon as possible at or 6046006732. He will then notify the site coordinator and mentor. It is very important that the site Coordinator knows so they do not expect your child to attend the session.  It is also important for the mentor to know so that they do not make the unnecessary trip to attend a session where your child is not present.  Please show courtesy to our volunteers by showing them you appreciate their time.