What is Girls to the Power of Math: Girls to the Power of Math is a 10 week program targeting Grade 3 students. The program focuses on building girls’ confidence in math by working on skip counting and multiplication skills. G^M was inspired by research done by Alexa Bailey and Dr. Toni Schmader in Vancouver showing that confidence in math declines more so in girls than boys in elementary school. We see this confidence difference by around Grade 6. This research replicates research completed in other places. Alexa wanted to prevent this decline in confidence and created a girl to girl math mentoring program to inspire girls to love math and to help promote girls going into STEM related fields following graduation.

Who is it for: Girls in grade 3 who want to have fun with math. Groups are a maximum of 10 with 2 – 3 mentors per group.

We need mentors: If you are a girl in high school or university, who loves math and wants to inspire love of math in younger students, please contact us.

Alexa and her program have received accolades from Girls Living STEM, WWEST, Science World and CBC’s Early Edition. But, the best praise comes from previous participants. This is a quote from a previous participant: “If you come into this program you are going to have a very good experience in math. It’s fun and it pushes you but not hard!”

If you are a teacher who would like this program run in your school, we’d like to hear from you.