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Can Learning Buddies be offered at my school/organization?

We are constantly expanding our network and the schools where we offer our programs. If you are interested in bringing Learning Buddies to your school/organization, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions please contact us.

Who is eligible for Reading Buddies or Math Buddies?

Currently, the Learning Buddies Network offers 2 programs, Reading Buddies and Math Buddies.

Reading Buddies is suitable for children who are in Grade 1-3 (as of September) and are struggling with reading. Math Buddies is suitable for children who are in Grade 4-7 (as of September) and struggling with math. Children who are in higher grades and exhibit lower reading/math achievement are still eligible for our programs.

Please contact us for further information.

  • What is the Learning Buddies Network?

    Learning Buddies Network operates reading and math tutoring programs in weekly sessions after school in elementary schools in the lower mainland. During the summer, we operate our programs three times weekly in community centres. Each tutoring session typically involves 8-12 pairs of tutors and children, where the children are tutored one-to-one. All participants are together in a group location, such as the school library or designated meeting room. Group activities are included in the tutoring program as well. The population served is elementary school-aged children who are falling behind in basic academics in reading and math. These children are selected by their resource or classroom teachers as suitable for our program. Many of our students come from families who are not able to augment the school program with parent or paid tutoring support. In order to fully support our students without placing an extra financial burden on them, our programs are free.

  • Site Sponsor – role and responsibilities

    The Learning Buddies Network provides and facilitates the reading and math programs through their youth volunteers when on the premises. We have Coordinators in place for each program who lead their team of volunteer student mentors. And an appointed Site Coordinator who oversees the LBN program site and is the main contact for the Site Sponsor. The school’s Site Sponsor does not have to administer any of the programs or organize any aspect of it.

    Following is the role and responsibility of the Site Sponsor:

    Be the main point of contact and communication between LBN and the school/organization. Including teachers, parents, principal, vice principal.

    • Contact LBN’s Operations Manager at any time during the programs to discuss any issues or concerns or just for an update. LBN will check in with you either in person or by email at least once per month.

    Facilitating student entry to the LBN programs when classroom teacher referrals are made or refer students directly in consultation with classroom teachers if you are the resource teacher.

    • Receive completed referral forms from classroom or resource teacher.
    • Communicating directly with families about the program and collecting completed parent consent forms.
    • Provide both the completed referral form and the parent consent form to LBN’s Executive Coordinator.
    • Ensuring that you or a staff member is on site for the duration of the program for all sessions.
    • Informing the LBN Operations Manager if any events impact the running of the program (Pro-D days, fundraiser events, parent-teacher conferences, or early-dismissal days).
    • Informing the Operations Manager in a timely manner of any issues or concerns regarding the program or students that may impact student success or safety, or the reputation of the program.

    Ensure there is a process in place for getting the participating students to the LBN program on time. If a student will be arriving before the program starts, ensuring that they have the appropriate supervision until then. *LBN will escort children to their documented caregivers at the end of the program.

    Provide any information or feedback that could improve the running of the program to LBN.

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