As social distancing continues into the summer months, younger students lose one of the most important aspects of education: summer learning. Studies have shown that a loss of summer learning can be harmful to childhood education. It can be incredibly important to continue learning through the summer months with creative methods as the pandemic continues to affect the world. Here are several educational resources that can accompany a mostly indoors and isolated summer.


LBN Virtual Mentoring

Dates: August 5th – August 20th. Our programs run 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Session options are 10:00 – 10:45, 1:00 – 1:45, and 2:30 – 3:15. This summer, our programs will be held remotely, through Zoom.

If you are interested in registering your child for our August Summer Program, please fill in the form at this link: We will review your form and respond to confirm your registration.

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For a young child, attending summer camp is one of the best experiences during the summer. However, as many camps are not running in many places, Youtube is hosting a series of online camps – trading waterparks and other outdoor activities for educational and fun games.

Ranging from Adventure to STEM Camps, these videos include educational content as well as fun activities for younger students to follow along at home. Once one searches #CampYoutube in the browser, there is a Youtube Learning site that allows access to a wide array of educational videos about everything from photography skills to weird science experiences. Another cool feature is the virtual field trip section: a place where children can have an ‘out of this world’ experience with virtual space exploration along with many other distinct locations. There are also virtual campfire talks: a section where important topics are discussed through a variety of TedTalks and animated videos.


Virtual Museums

Museums give children and adults the ability to understand and interact with different human experiences and parts of history. As the pandemic derails many travel plans, it also deprives many students of the experience of visiting famous museums. In response to this, many museums have uploaded virtual tours and galleries for public viewing. By simply entering the Google Arts and Cultures site, one can access tours of world famous museums such as the British Museum. Around 1200 museums and galleries are offering free virtual tours and glimpses of their incredibly respected galleries. This can be a great resource for the curious learner.


Educational Apps  

As many children turn to video games to cruise through the summer, why not add some educational apps in there as well? There are some incredibly helpful and fun educational apps that have recently become very useful. Khan Kids (a precursor to Khan Academy) is one that has been widely praised for its lessons and activities involving early literacy, math and social skills. The app expertly integrates learning with fun music and videos.  Similarly, Teach Your Monster to Read seamlessly blends online gaming with learning as users build a monster and teach it literacy skills – allowing users to learn more reading skills in the process.

For older students, there are more targeted apps towards anything from piano skills to programming. A popular programming app that is free is Swift Playgrounds. As programming and coding skills become more useful and desirable in the modern world, learning complex skills at a young age can be incredibly beneficial. The app teaches users to code their own apps and presents coding skills as puzzles to aid learning. Duolingo, another recently popularized app gives users the ability to learn over 30 languages that they may never be able to in school. With short daily lessons, users are able to either improve already known language skills or learn a completely new one.

This summer is clearly unlike any other – families and the world must continue to learn and adapt to a completely foreign situation. However, trying to find normalcy is important and continuing to learn throughout social distancing can be an incredibly rewarding way to do so.