Tutor FAQ

Why Volunteer?

Through Learning Buddies Network, you will have the opportunity to work directly with a child and develop a supportive mentoring relationship to foster the child’s learning, self –esteem and attitude towards schoolwork.  You will be responsible for the weekly lessons, and are encouraged to draw upon your own experiences and creativity. You will develop skills in planning, communicating and in nurturing a child, and in how to be a role model to a young child. You will develop valuable tutoring experience. Once you have the experience as a tutor, you will have the opportunity to take on further responsibilities as a site coordinator. This fosters the development of public speaking skills, peer mentoring, organizational skills and professionalism. These experiences will help you in your studies and work endeavours in the future.  Perhaps the most important reason to join our tutoring team, however, is the satisfaction you can feel in making a difference in a child’s life.

Where do volunteer tutors come from?

Our volunteer tutors are recruited from local high schools (grade 10-12), universities and colleges.  Some volunteer tutors are also recent alumni/graduates.  If you are a senior high school student or a university student looking for a meaningful volunteer experience we are looking for you to join us!

How old are volunteer tutors?

Our volunteer tutors are generally between the ages of 15 and 25.

I’m interested in volunteering as a tutor. What steps should I take?

The first step is to fill out our application form. Once you have done so, a member of our Learning Buddies Network team will interview you. If you are selected to be a volunteer, you will then go through training and will be matched with a school and student.

What is the time commitment that expected from a volunteer tutor?

All our volunteer tutors must attend a MANDATORY TRAINING SESSION scheduled regularly before the start of the program. The training session provides crucial instructions on how to use our material and how to approach helping your buddy.

All tutors must attend ALL SESSIONS of the program, except in exceptional circumstances. Please remember that without notice of illness or other commitments in advance, your buddy cannot be accommodated with a substitute buddy and will have to be sent home with disappointment.

Does volunteering with Learning Buddies Network fulfill any requirements at school?

Volunteer work has become a key requirement of the secondary school education process from coast to coast as well as a graduation requirement in British Columbia. Volunteering at Learning Buddies Network will satisfy your BC service hour requirements, Duke of Edinburgh as well as volunteer experience for University applications. We will not only sign off on your service hours, but provide a detailed letter outlining the nature of your volunteer work.  At the core of volunteering, is building community and promoting a healthier society.

What if I have no previous tutoring experience?

If you are excited about the prospect of helping children, and speak English fluently, you are qualified to join us! We will provide a comprehensive training program as well as the teaching materials you will need in order to be successful. We welcome all volunteers!

What do you need?

You need TIME to devote to preparing for and attending weekly tutoring sessions after school. You need COMMITMENT to impart to your little buddy, who will respond with gratitude and improved skills and self- esteem.  You need RESPONSIBILITY to be a reliable member of the team, You need a SENSE OF FUN and creativity to bring too!


Regardless of what stage you are in your education, we hope you will join us and stay with us for the remainder of your years as a student. Each year as a tutor you will become more skilled and helpful to a child.  You will have the opportunity to be a coordinator at your own site for one or more years.  Experienced tutors and coordinators develop a wealth of experience and contribute valuable ideas that we seek and incorporate into our programme structure.  The longer you are involved with our organization, the more ways you will contribute and feel a part of it.